Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outcast am i?!

After trying to be an outcast for so long now, by not I am to just say that am an outcast. Or at least thats how people seem to think. Initially I used to think that blogging is modern-day destruction of the age-old diary writing habit. And cremating the very purpose of keeping your thoughts personal. Well what the the haystack of so many blogs...its almost like anonymous now.
I just want to find if there are more 'outcasts' like me in this world....(a community of outcasts so to say! :/ ). Is it always necessary to be with people? Do you always want help pouring in? I don't really know if it takes egotism to want silence. The sublime silence somehow leaches your worries and drifts your mind into something less painful.
I have found many times in the past that shoulders that support also intrude. Everybody takes the right to solve things for you, make life easier. Sometimes even soothing words can prick...can not let you forget the pain. Am not trying to say people around you are not concerned. But not many seem to know that introspection heals better. The number of people who can just listen to you and give an understanding smile are strangely countable in number.
And if you don't want people to take charge of your life does that make you a loner? The concept of being a loner is slightly different, I feel. They never even reach the stage of sharing their thoughts. Now I want to know what I 'outcast' probably....and so the introspection continues.......